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Elk Solutions offers engineering design services and consulting for all phases of your project, from preliminary concept through final test and manufacturing. We have expertise in requirements definition, program management, hardware and software design, design for manufacturing, compliance testing, field integration and qualification, and technology refresh .  

Your success is our success.   It's that simple. 


Embedded microcontroller or Host software - we develop tailor-made solutions from specification to the finished application. 

High-performance applications for ARM SoCs, TI DSPs, or x64 CPUs.  Run bare-metal (no-OS), under RTOS  or standard Linux/Windows. 


Real-time digital signal processing using available FPGA, GPU or CPU resources. Hardware-optimized via Xilinx HLS, OpenCL or Intel IPP.

We also have extensive experience in VHDL, creating perhipheral interfaces to ADCs, DACs, PLLs, PCI Express and other communications devices. 



Custom electronics prototypes incorporating Xilinx FPGAs, or ARM CPUs, dense memories & GHz analog I/O.  From initial concept to fabrication with testing and validation.  We augment your engineering team, but you retain full design ownership.  

After prototype validation, we can source small production runs (< 1000 boards/yr) at extremely competitive pricing.  

Our engineering team has years of Altium schematic capture and PCB layout expertise and provide high-performance solutions based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and industry-standard hardware.  Our design expertise includes PCI Express, Embedded PC, PXI and VPX, and we work closely with our clients to meet other hardware architecture requirements.

Schematic/PCB Design

System Integration 

Elk Solutions can provide value-added computer system design and engineering services to enable OEMs to deliver integrated hardware and software solutions to their customers. We operate as an extension of your engineering team to design embedded systems for your production line or deployment that can be integrated faster and less costly with higher quality. Through our design knowledge and experience, we reduce the risks associated with an under- or over- engineered hardware configuration.

Production and Testing

Elk Solutions designs products with operational margins, automated manufacturing and test in-mind. 

During development, we identify and resolve compatibility issues, integrate suitable automated test equipment and software to insure excellent product yield and reliability. 

We continue to provide support throughout the manufacuturing and product life-cycle.  

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