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Xilinx FPGA RFSoC & MPSoC Experts

DSP Software/Firmware
Analog Design
DAQ Systems
RF PCB layout 
Integration Services



High-performance applications for ARM SoCs, TI DSPs, or x64 CPUs.  Run bare-metal (no-OS), under RTOS  or standard Linux/Windows. 



Custom electronics prototypes/production incorporating Xilinx FPGA/RFSoCs, nVidia GPUs or Arm/Intel CPUs, dense parallel/serial memories & GHz analog I/O.


Real-time digital signal processing using available FPGA, GPU or CPU resources. Hardware-optimized via Xilinx HLS, OpenCL or Intel IPP.

Elk Solutions was founded by entrepreneur Jim Henderson, who previously founded Innovative Integration (now a Molex company) and Ventura Electronics.  Jim has over 35 years of embedded systems experience, serving as chief architect of DSP hardware and software platforms designed to provide signal intelligence for radar, wireless communications and recording solutions for military, medical and industrial marketplaces.

Elk Solutions offers engineering design services and consulting for all phases of your project, from preliminary concept through final test and manufacturing. We have expertise in requirements definition, program management, hardware and software design, design for manufacturing, compliance testing, field integration and qualification, and technology refresh.

Elk Solutions provides expert support for a wide variety of high-speed I/O and peripheral components.  We're committed to driving and supporting industry standards.  Elk synergistically combines its hardware and firmware development expertise with efficient algorithm implementations, world-class software drivers to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions on-time and within budget.



Rohde & Schwarz

National Instruments


Xilinx FPGA, MPSoc and RFSoC


Real-time Linux variants, Windows, bare-metal

C++, Python, Vivado (HDL and HSL)

We're ready to serve you. 

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